Google Pixel 4 XL Gets Another Teardown to Explore Why It Failed the Bend Test: Video

Google Pixel 4 XL Gets Another Teardown to Explore Why It Failed the Bend Test: Video

Photo Credit: YouTube / JerryRigEverything

Pixel 4 XL had failed a bend test earlier this month

  • Google Pixel 4 XL features glass at the back as well as on the front
  • JerryRigEverything took apart the phone to check its components
  • Pixel 4 series won’t launch in India

  • Google Pixel 4 XL


Google’s Pixel 4 XL failed to pass a bend test conducted by a popular YouTuber last month. Google’s latest flagship smartphone uses glass at the back as well as on the front. With a little pressure, the Pixel 4 XL cracked during the bend test. The smartphone was also found to be prone to scratches. The YouTuber, JerryRigEverything, has now revisited the Pixel 4 XL to find out more about the phone.

In a fresh teardown, JerryRigEverything takes another look at what’s inside the Pixel 4 XL. The video explores the reason behind Pixel 4 XL failing the bend test earlier this month.

The interior sidewalls of the Pixel 4 XL seem to be made out of plastic, according to the teardown. While this makes the phone slightly lighter in weight, it also compromises the phone’s overall build quality, making it prone to cracking under some pressure. In the video, you’ll also see how a clear-back Pixel 4 XL will look like once all the paint from the rear is removed.


JerryRigEverything also takes apart the Soli radar chip inside the Pixel 4 XL along with the camera system and the large battery inside the phone. The video doesn’t feature anything new, most of the internal components were already revealed via iFixit’s teardown back in October this year.

Google launched its Pixel 4 series phones in October this year. The company’s latest flagship smartphones won’t be launching in India. One of the main reasons behind this is the presence of a radar sensor inside the phone that uses the 60GHz spectrum which isn’t open to general consumers in the country. The sensor enables one of the most highlights features of the phone called Motion Sense.

At the time, Google said, in a statement, “We remain committed to our current Pixel phones and look forward to bringing future Pixel devices to India.