Zipper Shipper Chain by the Yard

A wide array of zipper chain by the yard is available at Zipper Shipper Sewing Supplies. Another popular chain for this zipper is a continuous zipper chain; this a zipper material that has no stops. You can be able to assemble the unfinished zipper material by yourself. Moreover, Fitting sliders are available and sold individually. A continuous zipper tape or zipper chain only goes well with close-ended applications. You will not be able to make a separating zipper from a zipper chain.

Zipper tape is suitable in the making of long zippers for items like cushions and upholstery, or in any other project that requires the use of longer than average zippers. Some other common uses are pillows, cases, sofa upholstery and bags. You can fabricate custom zippers of any length when working with zippers by the foot or zippers by the yard.

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Zipper tape is another common name for zipper chain. You can order as short or as long of zipper chain that you need. Zipper Shippers will then cut it off the spool for you, or if you want, you can order 209 yards for a full spool. To order for some quantity, enter the number of continuous yards you need in the quantity field. For instance, enter a quantity of 12 so that you get an order of a piece of zipper chain, which is 12 yards long. The company also offers generous cuts. The process is simple. Just scroll down to at the order page for zipper chains by the yard and order corresponding pulls or sliders.

Zipper Shippers provide continuous zipper tape with nylon zipper teeth, molded plastic teeth, or metal teeth. Bulk discounts are applicable when ordering lengths up to 10 yards and 100 yards for different styles. For many styles, 100 yards is the size of zipper chains. However, if you want to, you can order shorter lengths too. Zipper Shippers also offer a whole roll or a yard.

Chains by the yard are available in five materials, 4 gauges, one end-type and a number of colors. #5 is available in colors white, black, and brown-light. The materials for zipper chain by the yard are brass, Aluminium, nylon coil, and molded plastic. The 4 available gauges are #10, #7, #5, and #3. It is available in extra-long (72 inches and greater) and the standard length (up to 60 inches). Several colors for this specific zipper are as follows: black, beige, blue medium, brown, brown dark, grey-medium, natural, navy, Red, Turquoise, white, and wine-dark.