Keep Your Cat Healthy and Free of Worms

Cats are marvelous creatures, and they are enjoyable to have as pets. Some cats like to go outdoors, but their wanderings put them at risk of infection with parasitic worms. Those worms cause serious illness in cats, and they could spread from one cat to the other cats through the litter box. If you have a dog, the dog could also get infected. Some parasitic worms that infect cats can also infect people. Fortunately, there are several things that you can do in order to keep your cat healthy and free of worms.

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Use Worming Tablets

A simple way to protect your cat from getting worms is to use a pill that lowers the risk of infection. There are also tablets designed to get rid of the worms if your cat does get infected. You can get cat worming tablets online in order to save money. Veterinarians charge more for the same tablets, and you would also have to pay an office visit fee. Most cats do not like getting in the carrier, riding in the car and going to the vet. By buying the worming tablets online, you can avoid the hassle and lower your costs of pet ownership.

Limit Where Your Cat Goes

You can also limit when and where your cat goes outdoors. If your yard has a fence, only allow the cat to go in your yard. You may also consider training your cat to wear a leash. It is possible to teach a cat how to go for a walk on a leash. The process requires positive reinforcement and plenty of patience, but the effort is worthwhile. Walking your cat on a leash allows your pet to enjoy the outdoors in a safer way. You can also put your cat on a leash in your yard. Set up some fun things for your cat to do. Your cat may enjoy having a platform to climb on or a sand box to dig in. If your cat is not the type for a leash, consider an indoor room where your cat can interact with the outdoors. You could create a cat door and make a small outdoor enclosure. The cat could go in and out of the enclosure as it pleases.

Closely Examine Your Cat

Regular grooming of your cat could help you identify a worm infection in its early stages. If any of your cats go outside, it is important to regularly take a close look at your cat’s tail and anal areas. When worms mature, they exit through the cat’s anus. At this stage, the worms are large enough to see with the naked eye. Brushing your cat every couple of days would allow you to observe this area of the cat. You could also check your cat’s deposits in the litter box. If you see larvae, worms or little white specks, this is cause for concern. Start using de-worming tablets such as those available at Vet Products Direct. If you think your cat has worms for the first time, a trip to the vet may be a good idea. The vet may ask you to bring a stool sample. The veterinarian will look at the sample under a microscope in order to identify the type of worms. For future infections and prevention, the worm tablets could be used without additional vet visits.

Parasitic worms are a threat to your cat’s health, but you can take action in order to prevent infection or treat the condition if your cat does become infected. Buying cat worming products online saves you money and allows you to avoid extra trips to the vet. Your cat gives you unconditional love and adds pleasure to your life. Keeping your cat healthy and free of worms is well worth the effort.