10 recipes to pack for your lunch dabba

1. Best Indian lunch recipes!

Best Indian lunch recipes!

If you are looking for some yummy yet easy-to-make Indian recipes for lunch, then these dishes will make you drool over them. These Indian lunch recipes are absolutely divine and prepared using ingredients that are easily available in your kitchen. From Punjabi Kadhi and Paneer Bhurji to Tawa Pulao, all these recipes can be prepared between 45 minutes to 1-hour period. Also, if you are confused about what to pack in your office lunchbox, then you can opt for these palatable recipes. Scroll down to know more about these scrumptious recipes:

2. Egg Curry

Egg Curry Recipe: It is one of the most easiest things to cook in the kitchen. The aromatic spices used in preparing this succulent egg recipe makes it hard to resist.

3. Vegetable Korma

Vegetable Korma Recipe: Vegetable Korma is a delicious, nutritious and healthy recipe that can be cooked easily at home in under 40-minutes with easily available ingredients in the kitchen.

4. Tawa Pulao

Tawa Pulao Recipe: Tawa Pulao is a delectable Indian recipe and is prepared using ingredients like carrot, peas, rice, green pepper along with a melange of spices.

5. Rajma Chawal

Rajma Chawal Recipe: Rajma Chawal is a popular choice of lunch in almost every Indian household.

6. Punjabi Kadhi

Punjabi Kadhi Recipe: Punjabi Kadhi is a vegetarian recipe that tastes amazing when served with roti, paratha or rice, and will leave you wanting for more.

7. Paneer Bhurji

Paneer Bhurji Recipe: The best thing about this dish is that it is very healthy, tasty and is loaded with protein.

8. Matar Paneer

Matar Paneer Recipe: If you are a vegetarian and like gorging on paneer, then you will surely fall in love with this recipe, which is absolutely divine!

9. Masala Okra

Masala Okra Recipe: If you love okra, then this recipe is for you. This mouth-watering dish can be prepared by using okra and a melange of ground aromatic spices like garam masala powder, cumin seeds, coriander powder, dry mango powder and red chili powder.

10. Chana Masala

Chana Masala Recipe: Chana Masala is an authentic curry recipe that will make you drool over it.

11. Aloo Gobhi Adraki

Aloo Gobhi Adraki Recipe: If you are a fan of potatoes, then you should definitely try this delicious Aloo Gobhi Adraki recipe, loaded with authentic spices and flavours.