6 Biggest Cyber Threats to Watch Out for in 2016

In 2014, computer users faced vulnerability issues like Heartbleed and in the year 2015, there were more data stealing attacks and intrusions on their systems. The year 2015 also witnessed extortion attacks like Ashley Madison hack and the InvestBank hack in UAE. Most of the users think that their antivirus software is enough to protect their system. A few users know that spyware and malware-fighting software can add to the security. If you choose reputed software like Bitdefender Internet Security 2016, then it would safeguard your computer against avariety of hacks. Take a peep into the biggest cyber threats to watch for this year, and stay safe.

Extortion Hacks

Ransomware attacks are some of the threats to be expected this year. These types of hacks are malware encrypts that lock the computer of the victim. This means the victim cannot access the computer until the hacker lets him access it. Another issue with this type of blackmail hacks is that the hacker will threaten to release sensitive data of the company unless the victim accepts to pay a hefty amount of money. Any business involves secured and confidential information, which when exposed can mean the business losing reliability. Even when there is abackup that lets you access data when the access is denied, you can see that the customer base is ruined when data is publicly exposed.

Data Manipulating Hacks

Data loss and exposure of the data can be threatening, but manipulation of the same data can be a nightmare. When someone steals the data, it means you can still have a backup. Imagine that you are a CEO of a bank, and the hackers steal data, manipulate it, and the next thing would be your bidding goodbye. What is more exhausting is, it wouldn’t become apparent instantly that data manipulation has occurred. If you want an example, remind yourself about the Lotus 1-2-3 bug. Under certain scenarios, in the spreadsheets, there would be some miscalculations. When data manipulation happens with the software used by the military, it could prove fatal for lots of soldiers.

Hacks for PIN numbers and Chips

Most people would think that all the reliable sites discard credit card information, and it is safe to use them again and again. But hackers have their own ways to steal these details. These days, you get a transaction password for that particular purchase or transaction, which has actually brought down the fraudulent activities. But what has happened is the hacks are doubled where cards are not present. If you complete a transaction over the intenet or over thephone, there are plenty of chances for the card details to get stolen.

Zombie Botnet

Anything related to the internet and technology definitely saw a rise in the year of 2015. At the same time, this tech trend also includes hacks. Yes, skateboards, dolls and connected cars, every gadget can be used for hacking. Already, the Internet of things (IoT) devices like baby monitors and CCTV cameras are turning into botnet armies to launch attacks against financial institutions. The nightmare is that the user wouldn’t know if the toaster or his baby monitor is connected in the zombie army.

Backdoor Hacks

It’s not only the banksthat suffer due to the hacks, but there are lots of technology and software companies that see this problem too. Case in point: a firmware company that we will not name, had 2 backdoors installed in their firewall. This let the hackers get their hands on the decrypted data that ran on the VPN traffic. Similarly, when there are backdoors on national security firewalls, they can be considered electronic espionage activities.

Kids Attack

No, the kids are not attacking, but their gaming toys can be used for these purposes. Some gaming devices can be manipulated to open the garage doors with ease, and vehicles’OnStar systems can enable hackers to access them with relative ease.

With all of these potential threats around, 2016 is looking to be a busy year for those who defend computer systems and the integrity of data.