The Ultimate Fitness Choice – Diamondback Fitness 510Sr Recumbent Bike

The “HEAD OF THE CLASS” award winning Diamondback Fitness 510Sr Recumbent Bike was introduced in 2011, is a solid, robust, noiseless, innovative, comfortable and has all the features that a person looks at a fitness bike. Not to mention that this is an impressive product from Diamondback is available at an inexpensive price tag and is beyond the expectations of a casual user or a fitness expert. The sleek design of the bike occupies less space and hence a perfect one for a home user.

Product Description

Built-in with 16 additions of resistance, this bike enables you to steadily expand your fitness passion, and with as many as 20 exercise series you will be amazed to discover the tempo that is exactly for you. You can see the calories reduced with instantaneous feedback on LCD monitor. This bike comes with typical, hard steel magnetic flywheel and the machinery built with steel, the bike is highly durable. The perfect seat support and aerate back are included to have many adjustment settings. Liberal warranty is one big plus of this bike.

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Key Features

  • Recumbent Exercise bike with 20 workout programs that consists of target heart rate and 16 levels of resistance
  • Handgrip heart rate sensors
  • LCD display with real-time feedback, QuickSet programmable keys, and scrolling message center
  • Integrated speaker system with mp3 connectivity, foldable magazine rack; adjustable cooling fan and cup holder
  • Sculptured seat base and back, modifiable console and arm rest, smooth and silent frictionless eddy current braking system


The design is exclusively remarkable. This bike is designed with a perfect step-through frame and a large, informative display for the benefit of the user. The LCD screen and its display is extremely significant. The display is helpful for tracking and monitoring numeric statistics in real-time. Statistics such as distance traveled, heart rate, total exercise time, speed, and calorie count are included. The display and console also incorporate a fully integrated speaker system.  The bike contains many preloaded routines comprise programs such as fat-burning, strength, hill-climbing, and interval. The media bay, where the speakers are placed, includes an audio jack and a space for personal music devices. The step-through frame is important for users who have mobility issues.

User friendliness

Many physical therapists and physicians recommend this bike for users with injuries. Riding on this bike is made easy by simply sitting on the saddle and there is no need to lift the legs or any other awkward movement. The bike is so silent that you can watch your favorite program on the television without straining your neck, while working on it. You can read a book or can use ipad. There are a lot of programs to choose from and one can set his own profile program. The bike is provided with mesh seating which is very comfortable. The seat slides pretty easily forward and back, and the seat back slides up and down. This feature enables the users to adjust the seat with their size and height. The seat support is extremely comfortable and liberally cushioned. There is also a multi-speed cooling fan fitted to keep you cool during the workout. In this bike, there is also a facility to charge the mobile phone or music devices. Adjustable magazine rack and water bottle holder are also provided.


  • The size of Assembled dimensions is 64 * 23 * 50
  • The size of Packaged dimensions is 67 * 13 * 31 inches (L*W*H)
  • The Product weight is 125 pounds
  • User Weight Capacity is 300 pounds



The warranty is generous, comprehensive and ranks one of the best among the fitness bike market.

  • For frame and brake – lifetime
  • For mechanical parts and electrical parts – 3 years
  • For labor – 1 year
  • Items like pedal straps and seat support – 90 days