New MSi ECO Series Socket 1151 Motherboards Unveiled For Power Saving Efficiency

MSi ECO Series Socket 1151

Motherboard and hardware manufacturer MSi Has this week announced the launch of a new range ofmotherboards in the form of its second-generation MSi ECO Series that are based on Intel’s 100-series ‘Skylake’ chipset.

The new second-generation ECO motherboards consist of three options in the form of the MSI H170M ECO,B150M ECO, and H110M ECO.

The new motherboards have been designed to provide users with energy saving features that do not hinder the performance or compatibility of the motherboard. The boards are equipped with Intel Gigabit LAN connections that have been optimised to deliver a stable and efficient network connection at low CPU usage, MSi explains.

The 2nd generation MSI ECO Series motherboards offer more features than ever, without impacting it’s power efficiency or performance. Reliable and efficient Intel Gigabit LAN with 15kv anti-surge LAN Protect offers a stable and secure networking solution. Through carefully selected and thoroughly tested components and materials, Guard-Pro and Military Class 4 provide industry leading stability. Even Audio Boost can now be found on MSI ECO Seriesmotherboards as a testament to technical ingenuity.

MSI ECO Series motherboards are focusing on power efficiency. ECO PCB is a groundbreaking hardware design for ECO Series to use less power. Included in the new PCB design is hardware based control to cut off all power to features on the motherboard. The hardware control of onboard features also allows control of standby power.

ECO Genie is a new solution in BIOS to set up and customize ECO profile easily. Besides the 3 pre-configured modes, it allows to set the details such as disabling hyper-threading, or choosing voltage modes.

For more information on the new MSi ECO motherboards jump over to the MSi website for details via the links below.