Shopping For Industrial Parts Doesn’t Have To Be A Hassle

If you are in the market for industrial parts, you probably don’t have a lot of time to lose. When parts wear out, your business depends on getting them replaced in a hurry. Long delays – or delays of any duration – are not good for profits. You don’t want to have to shut down part or all of your operation in order to accommodate a long and potentially frustrating search for replacement parts. Time is money and you don’t want – or need – to take no for an answer.

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What’s The Point Of Going On A Wild Goose Chase For Parts?

Perhaps the most frustrating thing about searching for replacement parts is the hassle you have to go through in order to find them. Long phone calls, followed by waiting around for an answer, aren’t exactly a productive way to spend your day. You can send an employee out to go shop for the parts you need. But while they are engaged in the chase, they aren’t at the office doing what you normally pay them to do. Meanwhile, you’re still sitting idly until word comes back that the part has been found.

Your Modern Shopping Experience Has Moved On To The Web

Today, you don’t need to even leave your office – or your bedroom – to order all of the parts you need to keep your office or industrial location going. You can log on to the web and search the site of any one of thousands of online parts stores. Most sites can offer you an excellent selection of goods, complete with competitive pricing. Best of all, most of these sites will have a quick search index. You can use the system to get quote estimates for all the parts you are interested in.

The Digital Age Has Taken All Of The Guess Work Out Of Parts Shopping

Perhaps the greatest benefit that the digital age has conferred on us is the ability to shop in a safe and sane fashion. All of the worst features of the bad old days have been eliminated. You don’t have to drive all over town to find parts anymore. You can just log on to the web, search for a few minutes, and then order the parts you need. The Internet has taken the hassle out of shopping.

Paytm Integrates UPI Payments System for Wallet Recharge

Ever since demonetisation hit the country, Paytm has been busy launching several new features to lure users to shift to mobile wallets. To further this effort, the digital payment service has now added support for United Payments Interface as well. UPI is a government platform launched by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), aimed to make bank to bank transactions an easy affair, and by integrating the support, Paytm looks to make its ecosystem as user-friendly as possible.

Paytm Integrates UPI Payments System for Wallet RechargeUPI payments system was launched in August last year, and is interoperable between banks. It allows users to send and receive money by just using a unique UPI ID, eliminating the need to fill IFSC code, account details etc. It reduces a lot of steps that are typically involved in bank funds transfer, and the government claims it is as easy as ‘sending a text message’.

The integration of UPI will inadvertently help users transfer money into their Paytm wallets more easily. Users can now add money to their Paytm Wallets using their unique UPI ID. When adding money, a new option called UPI now shows up on the Paytm app, alongside netbanking, debit card, and credit card options. Once they enter their UPI ID on the payment page, a collect-money request is sent to their UPI-enabled apps on their smartphone. After they accept the payment request and enter their pin code for UPI transactions, the transaction is complete, and the money is instantly added to the Paytm wallet.
“We have implemented a deep integration between our payment system and UPI. This will not only help customers add money into their Paytm Wallets, but also act as a strong foundation for our upcoming Payments Bank. Going forward, we will continue to leverage various India Stack features to bring innovative and cost-effective services to our fellow Indians,” Nitin Misra, Senior Vice President, Paytm said in a statement.
Paytm recently introduced a security feature called App Password to keep their wallet safe and avoid unethical practices. A new toll-free number 1800 1800 1234 was also launched to help non-Internet users pay or receive money using Paytm.