The ways and means to improve HGH level naturally

Growth hormone, the name itself indicates a hormone which is responsible for the overall growth among adults and children. The secretion starts to decline as the age moves up. It is not essential that everyone will have this declination at the same age. Depends on the diet, metabolism, lifestyle the secretion and fall vary. When the growth hormone production is reduced, it will give a short stature personality along with abdominal fat in children. In all the cases, it is not necessary to exogenously supply the growth hormone for enhancement. Natural measures may be taken to hype the level of growth hormone without any adverse effects. You may sustain higher growth hormone levels with the help of natural supplements and food.

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Growth hormone makes you grow taller:

The pituitary master gland is responsible for the production of human growth hormone, the prime gland is located in the brain. Besides the growth, it involves in essential functions like growth and processes such as tissue, organs, muscle development with metabolizing sugars and fats in the body. Hypothalamus region of the brain controls growth hormone production. When the hypothalamus senses the Growth hormone level is low, then it passes a neurohormone called Growth-hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH) to the pituitary to fast up the production of GH. Somatostatin is another hormone which is signaled by the hypothalamus when the GH level is adequate. So, after receiving the signal, the pituitary stops the GH production. As a thermostat, the hypothalamus controls the body functions automatically. It is the main control of breathing rate, fluid balances and body temperature. Pituitary, as a master gland, oversees, maintains and initiates synthesis and secretions of numerous hormones.

Produce growth hormone naturally in gifted foods:

Whey protein: Whey protein is enriched with amino acids that help to trigger muscle growth and in this way it increases HGH production. It is advisable to purchase the whey protein with no fillers so that you can attain the entire benefits.

Eggs: Gamma-aminobutryic acid or GABA always triggers the pituitary to produce HGH. This neurotransmitter has the tendency to relax and calm the patients along with arresting pain.

Chocolate: Raw cacao has a significant property to release dopamine, serotonin, and endorphin, which simultaneously enhances the stamina and HGH levels.

Fava beans: This green cereal is jammed with L-Dopa which is capable of increasing HGH along with dopamine and testosterone.

Goji berries: This high nutrient fruit contains high amino acid, vitamins, and essential fatty acids. The HGH level can be easily elevated by consuming goji berries. Besides, the fruit contains Sesquiterpenoid, a phytonutrient which helps to induce HGH production.

Colostrum – It is the milk that cow gives after giving birth to its calf which contains extremely high levels of amino acids and growth peptides.

Beets – This alkaline food balance PH while increasing GH, testosterone and nitric oxide levels.

Gelatin Desserts – This dessert is with full of L-Glutamine to increase HGH levels. It is especially good to take by avoiding artificial sweeteners and colors.

Along with supplements, natural foods are always good to sustain higher growth hormone levels in the body. Easy task, why do not we try it?

The Most Vital Tips That Give Unthinkably Great Results to Those Taking Clenbuterols

Clenbutrol is indeed a widely used drug. However, nowadays, it is also a steroid and has been used to lose weight. You can see a number of people taking them almost injudiciously, even without considering the potential harm that they might bring on them. But you do not need to worry about that because you are just going to read some tiny, yet super effective tips to remember while using Clen!

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For men and women

This hits back to the basic formula of safe use – “low dose start and low dose end”.

Professionals opine that there is completely different standard of Clen usage for men and women. If you are a male, looking forward to losing weight, then the right dosage for you should be between 40 mcg and 140 mcg. As for females, it is between 20 mcg and 100 mcg. And yes, it should not be combined with any other drug.

An ideal Clen-only cycle for non-athlete men can be in the order of 60- 80- 100- 120- 140- 120-100- 80-60m cg. The perfect Clen-only cycle for women can be 40-60- 80- 100- 120- 100- 80- 60-40mcg. However, a doctor would be the best person to prescribe dosages for such an anabolic agent.

Plus, take Clenbuterol in alternative cycles. The next section of the article tells how.


Thankfully enough, Clen usage does not impact much on the anabolic activities within your physique. Doctors, by and large offer 3 different procedures to suit the drug and most effective in its own way.    Initially, your medic might simply allow it for two days, followed by a gap. This will be followed by another dosage.

Secondly, while taking Clen for two continuous weeks, give a complete gap of a fortnight before starting another cycle.

The third plan involves a daily intake of the medication. This helps the anabolic agent get attuned to your body slowly, yet steadily. However, this can land you with some ‘teething’ problems.

Case in point, you can feel an over-strung feeling initially. Then with the passing of time, your system might feel higher. The usage of the Clen-only cycle will be absolutely different from person to person and from men to that of women. Make sure that you spend some time for a detailed study on what to expect and what not to expect in this regard.


A very important thing to think about is- who should not take Clenbuterol? This drug-cum-steroid is not fit for those suffering from:

  • Urinary retention
  • Glaucoma
  • Thyroid, especially hyperthyroidism
  • Cardiac problems especially acute myocardial infarction, ischemic heart,
  • High blood pressure
  • Prostatic hypertrophy

This is also not for sportsmen or individuals taking medicines like:

  • Monoamine oxidase inhibitors
  • Oxytocin
  • Propanolol
  • Dinoproset (Like Prostamate and Lutalyse)
  • Cardiac Glycosides
  • Terbutaline
  • MAO inhibitors
  • Sugar-lowering medicines and insulin
  • Beta-blockers
  • Central Nervous System stimulants
  • Inhaled anesthetics
  • Sympathomimetic agents

Of course, there is more to add to the list. So ensure that you consult professional help before turning to Clen.

The Magic Pop ofLosing Weight

Deadlinesand stress and anxiety disorders have become a part and parcel of life! Modern man not only competes with other individuals, but also withthemselves to make a mark. The desire to create an impact in today’s world and make a name for oneself is taken too seriously. The end result is harmful as hesinks into clinical depression modes and obesity. He has frequent mood swings and his work gets affected so does his personal life. Obesity forms the root to other forms of ailment that follow. Time is a major issue and the modern man does not have the essential time frame in hand to workout or join the gym. This makes him vulnerable and volatile to substances and medicines for weight loss available in the market.

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Easy Solutions of obesity

If one does a market research, he will find out about the sprays, pills, and edibles, intravenous fluids that fill the shelves. There is a constant invention of new products to suit the consumers’ needs. There are chemicals infused with flavored tea for the perfect comfort of losing weight as well! There are medicines that are prescription only as well. The same is done to avoid overdose and misuse, which is also prevalent in today’s scenario. Phen Ultra is a weight loss supplement, which is a popular pick of the day. It is similar to Phenelite, which stabilizes you energy with increased metabolism and fat burn. It is more than just a diet pill and takes 24 hours to affect the body. You need to be careful while using Phen ultra as it contains harmful stimulants. Two capsules a day, which is supposed to be consumed 30 minutes prior to your meal-time works the best.  You are high on energy and there is an increase in metabolism.  You need to understand that these are not magic pills. You need to work out and eat healthy food for optimum result.  The capsule has a tendency of promoting weight loss at a faster rate in comparison to the supplements available in the market.  The beauty of the Phen Ultra is that you do not need to consume it for a long period of time.

Aftermath and side effects

Once you reduce weight, regular exercise helps you come back in shape.  Like all good things have a pinch of side effects, Phen Ultra is not different. The temporary effects include restless, insomnia and dry mouth.  It is advisable to not take Phen Ultra if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.  Also do not combine Phen Ultra with other stimulants. There is a high possibility of unwanted interaction with pills that contains harmful stimulants. f you overdo Phen Ultra, heavy insomnia is bound to follow. So to stop side effects, you need to drink a lot of fluids like juice water and health drink.  Try taking your last dose as early as possible to sleep well at night.  Lastly, instead of brooding keep yourself engaged and work as much as you can with the added energy.

Winstrol v/s Anavar: Enumerating The Side Effects of Both

One always needs to be responsible in terms of the choosing any synthetic and then the eventual use of any steroid based supplement. Winstrol and Anavar are too to be given their due attention regarding this, though it is the former that has shown more of the negatives than the latter. However, as the usage is mostly dependent on the side effects produced, the list of their respective possible side-effects will make the scenario clearer.

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  1. Common side effects of Winstrol that are seen:
  2. Hepatic: Conditions like Hepatic Necrosis. Hepatocellular neoplasms and hepatic peliosis have been noticeable with the long term consumption of this steroid. Also, effects like increase in serum bilirubin and alkaline phosphatase in the liver too have been reported.
  3. Genitourinary: In men, at the prepubertal stage, phallic enlargement and erection frequency increase. At the postpubertal stage, conditions like impotence, bladder irritability, and testicular atrophy etc have been seen.

As for women, clitoral enlargement is the most common to happen, and also menstrual irregularities due to hormonal disturbance.

  1. Central Nervous System: Depression, Insomania.
  2. Gastrointestinal: Nausea, vomiting, and Diarrhea.
  3. Larynx: Women get a deeper tone of voice due to increase in testosterone levels.
  4. Hair: Women may face male type baldness patterns, and an increase in hair growth in the body.
  5. Metabolic: Low glucose tolerance with increased serum levels.

As is clear from the above list, the usage of Winstrol has shown a basket full of side effects at many levels of the body. That is possibly why it can be bought only by a doctor’s prescription and not otherwise.

  1. Common side effects of Anavar that are seen are :

As already mentioned, it is a known fact that it is a mild steroid that is devoid of possibly any harmful effects on body organs like liver, or diseases like jaundice etc. that other steroids have a possibility of.

  1. There are cases of testosterone suppression but on a very mild mode.
  2. As steroids are known to develop Gynecomastia, the development of breasts in males, this too has a very minimal chance of happening as this does not aromatize.
  3. It is most important to ensure that one is not using any contraindicative medication that could react adversely and cause unwanted complications, even though on its own when combining steroids with Anavar is nearly harmless. Only when one is tempted to increase the dosage all of a sudden to unusual quantum can actually cause more harm than the desired effect, though pretty much at a controlled level.

Going through the list of side effects, one can easily deduce the safety of Anavar and this is the reason that it can be procured even without the doctor’s prescription. But nonetheless, it is better to take an opinion from a doctor and then go ahead with it, and its safety not to be an excuse to take the precautions to safeguard one’s health. It is always suggestive to take your doctor’s advice before getting started.

Winstrol and its Side effects in male

The use of winstrol is associated with many side effects. This can cause many problems to man when they take this drug without care. This steroid has effects on the hormone, so it is generally suggested for women who use similar kind of steroids.  This steroid has androgenic effects which induce oestrogen. This helps them get muscles who do not wish to lose the feminine appearance. The side effects are really unpleasant. The side effects will be sever when taken this steroid us taken without care. If a user is not used to any steroids, then they must take this is low doses and then slowly increase the dose when they gain required experience in handling the effects of this steroid and once they are successful in recovering from the cycles.

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A Few pointers about using Winstrol and its effects on men

There could be adverse effects for males seen when the drug, Winstrol, is not consumed in the right manner or in the right dosage. The most common side effect when using winstrol is the decrease in sperm count as well as hair loss. Few people experience joint pain when they are using this winstrol. To treat this one need to be treated with deca durabolin or glucosamine hydrochloride. These side effects are less and most common when using winstrol. When a person observes that they are experiencing male baldness and sperm count decrease then they need to stop using winstrol so that they can avoid serious side effects. The other common side effects seen in people using winstrol are contractions in bladder, tender breasts, pain during erection, masculinization and acne. The uncommon side effects associated with the use of winstorl are low iron, cancer of prostate, or enlarged prostate, high levels of calcium in blood, bleeding risks, irritation in stomach as well as intestines, damage in liver, thickening of skin, retention of water levels, there may be increase or decrease in the sex drive and cramps in legs are seen. There are other side effects which are rare with the use of winstrol, there will be fat elevation in the blood stream, cancer in liver, necrosis in liver and bleeding in the liver.

Many athletes use this steroid winstrol to improve their overall performance. Many say that this steroid made them stronger. The general dosage is 20mg -25mg on alternative days. Though this is low dose, it has good impact on physique and their performance. If a person is looking for normal improvement in their performance, 25mg is not needed. They need it only for four or six weeks. This winstrol is one of those steroids, which males can use without having many side effects. This is why this steroid is popular online. On an average a male athlete uses winstrol at 10mg per day. Looking at the dosage it is really low and one can take it. Many men are really sensitive to steroids. But with the use of winstrol at 5 to 10mg dose, they can get benefits.

MYO INOSITOL – A Comprehensive Knowhow

Myo Inositol or simply known as inositol is taken for many different reasons ranging from diabetic nerve pain, ADHD, mood swings, insomnia, high cholesterol, sleep quality, skin health and hair health. These supplements usually increase the focus, better memory, more energy and concentration.  The best part about nootropics and supplements like Myo Inositol is that there are close to no side effects and they can make the brain cells more effective and healthy.

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Myo Inositol is naturally available or made in our kidneys. Our kidneys produce around 2 gms every day. Myo Inositol helps in sustaining and creating the structure of all the eukaryotic cells

Benefits of Myo Inositol:

Myo Inositol helps the brain to transmit messages from one neurotransmitter to another.  All the major neurotransmitters rely on Myo Inositol to open calcium channels and help the information exchange between them.

Health issues like heart disease, diabetes, heart stroke, cancer, obesity, hypertension and many more are related to high LDL cholesterol and high triglycerides. Myo Inositol helps lower the triglycerides and LDL. It also helps increase the HDL cholesterol. This results are a better overall cardiovascular health.

Myo Inositol supplementbenefits Women sufferingfrom symptoms of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). Myo Inositol has been clinically proven to increase the sensitivity to insulin especially when you stack this supplement with D-Chiro.

PCOS is a condition which causes when our body lacks sensitivity to insulin which in turn causes the ovaries to produce testosterone in high quantities. Myo Inositol helps overcome this condition and lessen the side effects of PCOS like excessive hair growth, acne and many more.

Dosage of Myo Inositol:

Myo Inositol dosage depends on the supplement that you are using.  Do speak to your doctor before you take the dosage. The general dosage is between 2 grams to 4 grams per day.

Side effects of Myo Inositol:

Like with all the supplements or medicines, Myo Inositol also has its set of side effects and being aware if these side effects are better as you know what to expect when you are on this dosage. Though there are no serious side effects associated with Myo Inositol, there are a few you need to be aware of. The ones that have been reported are upset stomach, nausea and headaches.  Even these minor side effects are quite rare.

Periods: woman suffering from PCOS may have irregular period like eight to ten menstrual cycle for every year. Cycle not completed within 35 days.

It may lead to breathing problems while sleeping. Early treatment of PCOS can help in treating it and also prevent any future serious issues.

Many studies are conducted to know if the use of Myo Inositol is safe or not. When a person used Myo Inositol for long time, studies showed that the person has less insomnia and has good quality sleep. When this supplement if effective, it is suggested for insomnia and has less side effects. Check out the products listed here under nootropics and grab more knowhow before you get started.

Benefits of Oral Steroids

Steroids are mainly found in animals, plants and fungi. They are produced intracellularly in animals and fungi as lanosterols, and in plants as cycloartenol. Lanosterol and cycloartenol are in turn derived compounds from triterpene squalene. Nowadays oral form of steroids mainly used to treat different types of functional disorders of the body, which includes tissue damage and corrupted defence system, at a quicker process.

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Why do we need steroids?

Our lifestyle is the mirror of our internal body. From the type of food we eat to the time at which we sleep, every movement has a definite impact on our body which can be positive or negative. Due to the change in lifestyle where everything happens so fast, there is an urgent need that has come up to put checkpoints at the different biological gateways which are getting disrupted. Normal medications and workouts alone cannot do wonders to your body in a short period of time. This is where the role steroids come into play. The best category of oral steroids is formulated C-17 α-alkylated anabolic steroids where the carbon at the 17th position endures the perils of the digestive tract while making its way into the blood. If this modification is absent, the drug will immediately get destroyed on its tour through the liver. Many recommended oral steroid for lean mas, bodybuilding, muscle growth, backache and weight cutting have made its way into the market and can be easily purchased and consumed.

Key benefits and working strategy:

To stress on the oral steroids that are taken in order to bulk up the production of sex hormones, the first option that comes to mind is herbal boosters. We all know the male and female sex hormones and how their production is regulated inside the respective endocrine glands. Testosterone is one such male sex hormone that only controls the development of testes and prostrate but also building up the masculinity in men. With age and time, the level of testosterone starts to diminish and there is no longer a sexually attractive physique as the fertility potency also goes down. The herbal testosterone booster helps to build up muscle unit once it is lost and also increases the sexual ability. It has proved beneficial for bodybuilders and athletes as their energy is remarkably boosted for competitive performance. But you should keep in mind that testosterone therapy is not much suitable for men over 65 years of age as the physical barriers at that age may overpower the effects of the booster.


It is normally recommended to take steroids under the supervision of experts. Even oral form steroids which are most body-friendly can also be toxic and cause liver damage. Anabolic oral steroids can increase the secretion of hepatic enzymes to an abnormal level which can be detrimental. If you take oral steroids for lean mass like testosterone, 90% of the drug gets destroyed due to the highly efficient defence system of our body. There is only a 10% chance of the steroid to effectively work on your body. Therefore the dosing levels and duration of exposure to such oral steroids should be systemised to ensure better uptake of the drug by the body, posing minimal threats to the vital organs controlling its pathway of action.

Users of Clenbuterol reduce their weight and build up their lean muscle mass together

Many people these days make use of different supplements and do exercises with an objective to reduce their weight as safe as possible. They seek the best in class medication used to burn fat and increase lean muscle mass at the same time. On the other hand, they get loads of choices online when they try to buy an ideal weight loss supplement.  They can read honest reviews of the most recommended Clenbuterol supplement and begin their step towards the fitness goal. They will be satisfied with the best result from this affordable weight loss supplement.

You have to keep in mind that Clen is not approved by the FDA at this time. Even though FDA has not yet approved the Clenbuterol, Clen is legal in many countries worldwide in our time. Experts in weight loss and lean muscle mass development these days recommend the Clenbuterol confidently. This is because they understand how different aspects of this supplement aid in weight reduction and lean muscle mass development.


Clen is not a steroid

If you do not like to use any kind of steroid and suffer from ever-increasing health problems, then you can have a preference on the most suggested weight loss supplement on the market at this time. Clenbuterol is recommended for people who seek how to

  • Burn fat
  • Enhance energy level
  • Develop lean muscle mass

All users of Clen these days get the best improvement in their physical appearance and the overall energy level. They are confident and happy to suggest this supplement for their friends who ask about how to get rid of obesity and build up lean muscle mass within a short period.

Many celebrities and fitness aficionados worldwide these days make use of the Clen supplement. They not only fulfil their fitness requirements, but also realize their imaginations about the best development of lean muscle mass.  They know that Clen is not approved by the FDA at present.

Satisfied users

Regular users of Clenbuterol supplement these days are happy about the most convenient way to promote their fat loss during the desired cutting cycle. They preserve lean muscle mass development and reduce their unhealthy weight by the most effective ingredients of Clen supplement. They enhance their athletic performance, stamina and energy level beyond what they have estimated before using this supplement.

The most common Clen dosage cycle in our time is two day on and two day off. On the other hand, another dosage cycle for users of this supplement is two weeks on and two weeks off.  You have to find out the right dosage cycle as per your fitness requirements at this time.  If you follow all dosage instructions associated with this supplement, then you can get the best result without any negative side effect.

This is advisable to consider your age, height and how much weight you like to lose and overall fitness goal before investing in the best supplement. Clen is the best weight loss supplement and recommended for people who wish to acquire lean muscle mass within a short period.

Is this the best medicinal beverage on the planet?

A number of beverages have been touted to have medicinal value. Some of these beverages have a number of benefits that can cure and keep away diseases. One of those beverages highly rated is the ginseng tea. Ginseng tea has been used to improve the overall health and is regarded as one of the oldest medicinal beverages in the planet.

There are different types of ginseng. The most recognized ginseng is the Asian ginseng tea. This type of ginseng has been advocated for a number of medicinal benefits. Some of the benefits include:


  1. Healthy heart

Drinking this tea has a potential of giving you a healthy heart through the stabilization of the blood cholesterol level. It has the ability to lower the amount of harmful cholesterol that clogs the arteries. Regular drinking of the team can prevent the oxidation of the bad cholesterol.
       2. Male erectile dysfunction
Asian ginseng tea is claimed to have the ability to lessen symptoms related to erectile dysfunction. In a research done, men who consumed 900 milligrams, three times a day were able to reduce their symptoms after the end of the eighth week. This showed that the tea is very effective in containing erectile dysfunction.


  1. Reduce stress
    This beverage has been used to stimulate and relax the nervous system. When it comes to the reduction of stress, no herb beats the Asian ginseng. The Asian ginseng contains almost 29 different types of ginsenosides compared to others that contain less than 10.
  2.  Reducing the risk of getting cold and flu.
    Asian ginseng is able to boost body immunity which improves the body’s ability to fight infections and diseases. Ginseng increases the number of immune cells and also boosts the immune system response to the flu vaccine.
  3. Reduction of risks of getting cancer
    Studies have shown that the Asian ginseng has the ability to reduce the risk of getting some type of cancers. A study found that those who took the Asian ginseng had a lower risk of getting liver, pancreatic, ovarian, lung and stomach cancers. Several studies have also shown that taking Asian ginseng has the ability to slow down or stop tumor growth.
  4. Relieve of some menopause symptoms
    Two studies found that the Asian ginseng has the ability to relieve some symptoms of menopause. The drink is able to improve mood and reduce feeling of depression in women who are undergoing menopause.


  1. Physical endurance
    Some studies have shown that people who drink Asian ginseng have better strength and endurance. Other studies have shown improvement in agility and reduce fatigue.
  2. Obesity
    For a person who is looking to shed off some of the fat, ginseng tea can be of great help by acting as a natural suppressant. The consumption of the beverage also boosts the body metabolism which helps in burning fat.

    This tea can be very effective for your health, however drinking it for every day for a long period can make your body rely on it reducing its effectiveness. For effective results, try and drink your tea every day for about two or three weeks then stop for several weeks. After that, you can be able to start back for some few weeks again. If you have side effects when taking the tea, it is important to discuss this with your doctor.

How Can Diabetic Patients overcome Thyroid Malfunctions?

Compared to the general population, the occurrence of thyroid diseases is more in the case of diabetic patients (type 1 rather than type 2). There is an autoimmune connection between type 1 diabetes and thyroid diseases. When these two diseases occur together in a patient, the effects can turn fatal.

A malfunctioning Thyroid disturbs the Endocrine system, which leads to many patients being affected by both thyroid diseases and diabetes. Commonly occurring in the older age group, often the symptoms are not noticed by the patients.

A patient affected by diabetes can be prone to Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism while their individual effects could be different. When it comes to Hypothyroidism, the blood glucose levels remain stable due to the non-alteration of insulin sensitivity. After the patient is treated for thyroid disorder it is important to educate the patient how to control diabetes and thyroid malfunction with proper diet and medication. Failure to do so may result in an increase in blood glucose levels and a loss of control over diabetes.

Proper diagnosis of thyroid malfunction is tough by monitoring the symptoms of thyroid malfunction first hand. Due to the relation of diabetes and thyroid diseases, understanding the degree of thyroid dysfunction is difficult with diabetes patients. Symptoms like fatigue, weakness and weight loss despite a good appetite are the underlining causes of high blood glucose levels and Hyperthyroidism. Symptoms like weight gain, swelling in a particular region and hypertension can be a cause of kidney disorder. Several patients turn to Ayurveda for an answer. Once you have been properly diagnosed and given a treatment plan from a certified professional, you can buy diabetes-related Ayurveda medicines online on Zigy for convenience.

A patient with Hyperthyroidism may experience muscle weakness, quick pulse, dry skin and shortness of breath during exercise. These symptoms when observed in a patient, should immediately consult an endocrinologist who can assist with the primary care. Commonly, thyroid malfunction is diagnosed with Thyrotropin Stimulating Hormone test that analyses the hormones that stimulate thyroid in the body. This simple blood test can show results of the presence of thyroid disease in a patient.

For an advanced test, a full thyroid panel is conducted, which detects the presence of thyroid malfunction if the Thyrotropin Stimulating Hormone test has failed. Using anti-thyroid medicines suggested by a specialist can help in the treatment of Hyperthyroidism. With proper diagnosis and treatment,thyroid malfunctions can be managed. Our medical platform allows those suffering from diabetes and looking for alternative medicines to easily order medicine online and get them delivered at your doorstep.

Treating thyroid disorders is crucial and the chances of its cure are more when the symptoms are recognised at the early stages. Thus, it is important to understand the symptoms and effects of thyroid disorders to get the necessary treatments done at the right time. In our busy lives, we often forget to stop and take care ourselves, that’s when a handy online medicine shop like Zigy step in to help you out.