Pokemon Go Gets Revamped ‘Nearby’ Feature, Introduces Ditto

Pokemon Go Gets Revamped 'Nearby' Feature, Introduces DittoAfter the Halloween update, Pokemon Go for Android and iOS has received a Thanksgiving update with a bundle of double experience points and stardust in select regions. The game makers have also introduced a new Pokemon called Ditto, and have improved its ‘Nearby’ feature as well.

Talking about the Nearby feature first, the list will now show Pokestop images beside the Pokemon to help you track them down. Tapping the desired Pokemon from the list will show footprints to exactly where the Pokestop is – helping you head there accurately.

This feature was tested in San Francisco first, and is now rolled out in the US – all states west of the Mississippi River (except Hawaii and Alaska) – Canada – British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and the western half of Ontario – and Australia – all states and territories.

Pokemon Go has also introduced Ditto in the game. The new Pokemon is known to disguise itself as other Pokemon, so you’ll have to keep picking up all of them in the hopes of grabbing a Ditto – even the annoying Rattatas. In this video, Pokemon Go shows how a Pidgey is actually a Ditto in disguise.
The Ditto Pokemon can be taken to the Gym to fight, and it will transform itself into the first Pokemon it sees. It will then fight the battle using the moves of the transformed Pokemon. If it sees a Ditto first, then no changes will be seen and just fighting fairly will make you win or lose the battle.
Additionally, to celebrate Thanksgiving, Pokemon Go makers have launched a week-long event giving players double the amount of XP than usual.

How to use Magisk to play Pokémon Go on rooted devices

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Since the latest update, Pokémon Go is no longer compatible with rooted Android devices, but do not fret, there’s a way around this rather harsh restriction.

First, a little recap: last week, Niantic Labs began rolling out a new update to the wildly popular Pokémon Go for Android. The main addition is Buddy, a Pokémon sidekick that will walk by side in your travels, and the update also includes a bunch of smaller tweaks. But the update also makes Pokémon Go incompatible with rooted Android devices, which cuts out a huge number of users from the game.

According to Niantic, rooted gameplay had to be disabled in order to kick out cheaters that mess with their phones’ settings to get ahead of other players. Needless to say, the explanation didn’t go down well with the millions of honest rooted users that found themselves stonewalled for no good reason.

In situations like this, you can usually count on the modding community to come up with a workaround, and that’s exactly what happened here.

So, how can you play Pokémon Go on a rooted phone?

The key is Magisk, a mod created by XDA-Developers user topjohnwu. Basically, Magisk makes it possible to hide any modifications to the operating system from apps that demand unmodified systems. Magisk (standing for “Magic Mask”) has been previously used for running Android Pay on rooted phones, and now users have used it to do the same with Pokémon Go.

Here’s a video guide from Max Lee from HighOnAndroid on how to use Magisk to play Pokémon Go on rooted devices.

Detailed instructions are available on this Reddit thread, and the XDA-Developers thread of Magisk is also a recommended read. The bad news is the process isn’t super simple, as it requires flashing Magisk and related files. The good news is, once you have the mod installed, hiding your root status from Pokémon Go is a simple as flipping a toggle.

Multiple users are reporting that Magisk allows them to play Pokémon Go on rooted phones, but the question is, will Niantic try to close this gap in the future?

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EA Launches EA Play to Give Samsung Galaxy Users Exclusive Discounts

In what appears like an attempt to monetise the more susceptible segments of the notoriously hard to crack Android market, video game publisher Electronic Arts (EA) has partnered with Samsung for EA Play. Much like the company’s much lauded EA Access Xbox One service which grants Xbox One owners special discounts and promotions, EA Play will do the same for games published by EA.

This seems to have been quietly launched by the company a week ago with little to no buzz, if the downloads on Google Play are any indication. According to the app description “Samsung customers can receive special offers and promotions throughout the year, and stay up-to-date with our latest and greatest titles and updates.”

Titles featured in EA Play include SimCity BuildIt, FIFA 16 Ultimate Team, and Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. There’s even a mention of Samsung users receiving “a premium Samsung Data Pack free” and little else. We wouldn’t fault you for assuming that the South Korean company would augment your smartphone’s data plan. But a quick Google search indicates that it’s a bundle of in-game items including weapons, characters, and virtual currency.

EA Play is an interesting approach from EA. Considering that Samsung is perceived as one of the few high-end Android smartphone manufacturers, it’s safe to assume a portion of its users have the capacity to spend on apps and games. Harnessing that in the way of offering discounts could just be what is needed to push them over the edge and at the same time offer them quality, ad-free gaming experiences.

In the past, Google has cracked down on apps that allowed users to download other apps and games from non-Google Play sources. While we didn’t have a Samsung device to see how EA Play works, suffice to say, it wouldn’t be on Google Play if it didn’t meet Google’s guidelines, which makes it interesting from an execution standpoint, and perhaps opens the door for other publishers to try something similar.

Have you downloaded EA Play? What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

Microsoft Demos Halo 5 on HoloLens to Show Off Headset’s Potential

Not content with letting you stream Xbox One games to Windows 10 PCs and tablets, Microsoft showed off Halo 5: Guardians streamed to its augmented reality headset, HoloLens.

Varun Mani, a program manager on HoloLens demoed Halo 5 projected on a floating virtual screen. While it appeared a bit clunky, the implementation was smooth enough to warrant greater inspection into the practical applications of the tech behind it.

The timing of this video should come as no surprise considering that Microsoft is looking to outsourceapp ideas for HoloLens from the public until January 11, 2016. During this period it will “guide you through development aspects, identifying which concepts would best leverage HoloLens capabilities and be great use cases, and sharing with you how you could build them.”

After this, the top three ideas will be put to vote on Twitter and the winner gets access to a HoloLens development team within Microsoft and will be able to “take a front row seat to see how it comes to life.”

And it doesn’t end here. Microsoft will open source the code so the HoloLens community can start building from it.

With Facebook-owned Oculus teasing a special announcement at The Game Awards and Sony’s PlayStation VR having a massive presence at this year’s PlayStation Experience, this appears to be a move to ensure that HoloLens remains relevant in the face of competing technologies. A clever one at that considering the use of a well-loved franchise like Halo.

Nazara Games Ropes in Rolocule Co-Founder to Head Mobile Game Publishing

After signing on Zeptolabs and snagging ex-Reliance Games CEO Manish Agarwal, Nazara Games has roped in Anuj Tandon, erstwhile co-founder of Rolocule Games to manage its mobile game publishing business.

“Anuj is one of the experts of the Indian mobile gaming industry and we are thrilled to have him onboard. With his vast experience in building the product & marketing vertical, we believe he will be an asset and will help continue the future success for Nazara Games as we continue to deliver quality content to the users,” said Nazara Games CEO Manish Agarwal.

Of late, the company has been on a hiring spree, snagging industry veterans such as Sanjay Soni to head up its studio business, and Ubisoft’s Jitesh Panchal as its senior game designer.

But what does this mean for Rolocule? The company has long been perceived as one of the few game studios in the country with a solid design sensibility and fresh ideas. It’s last game, Dead Among Uswon game of the year at Nasscom Game Developers Conference 2015. The company put on a strong front.

“We’re already working on an exciting new IP and we are looking forward to yet again set new benchmarks with it in the Indian gaming industry,” teased Rolocule’s founder and CEO Rohit Gupta. “Our three flagship games – Flick Tennis Online, Bowling Central, Dead Among Us are consistently growing.”

Sony Announces PS4 Remote Play for Windows and Mac

With the Xbox One allowing users to stream their games to Windows 10 PCs and tablets, Sony has finally said it’s working on a solution to allow PS4 owners to stream games to Windows and Mac PCs. At the moment, you can only stream PS4 games to the PS Vita and select Sony smartphones and tablets. Dubbed as Remote Play, the feature should make its way to non-Sony devices eventually.

“Some people asked if we plan to provide Remote Play function to PC, and yes, we are indeed working on an official application for PC/Mac,” tweeted Shuhei Yoshida, Sony’s President of Worldwide Studios.

The news comes days after an unofficial paid solution called Remote Play PC was announced by a developed called Twisted. We won’t be surprised if this move prompted the Japanese-based company to seriously consider bringing Remote Play to other platforms. At this time it’s unclear if any action will be taken against Twisted or if the developer’s work might find its way into Sony’s solution.

Regardless of the means, the end result is PS4 owners have another feature to look forward to aside from backwards compatibility that should be revealed in its entirety at PlayStation Experience next month.

Do you see value in streaming your PS4 games to PC? Let us know in the comments.

You Could Soon Stream PS4 Games to PC via an Unofficial Remote Play App

Good news: you’ll soon be able to stream PS4 games to your PC via an unofficial app called Remote Play PC. It’s the work of a developer who goes by the pseudonym Twisted.

Bad news: if you were expecting it to be free, you’ll probably have to pay around $10 (around Rs. 665) to use it.

And this isn’t all, Sony may even take legal action to pull the app from sale since it’s essentially allowing the developer to profit from its functionality.

However, from Twisted’s viewpoint, it’s necessary to pursue continued development.

“I’d like to work on this project full time, adding features, getting it stable and porting it to other platforms which I know a lot of you want! The only way to support this is to charge for the app, all my previous projects have been free and I don’t want to have to but sadly its the only way to support my living costs,”a post on the developer’s blog reads. “On the plus side this means I have more time to work on the project and provide support to its users, something which I’ve been limited on in the past.”

With the Xbox One allowing you to stream games to Windows 10 PCs and tablets, and Sony seemingly uninterested in allowing PS4 owners to do the same, this could well be a handy app for many PC and PS4 users. However since this is an unofficial app we won’t be surprised if it’s taken down sooner rather than later.

Fallout: The Story Will Let You Play Fallout 1 in Fallout: New Vegas

One of the biggest selling points for Bethesda’s games on PC has been the sheer amount of user-generated content and modifications. Over the years we’ve seen full-scale graphical overhauls and new locales to explore for games such as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Fallout: New Vegas. But this latest attempt from a few die-hard fans is surprisingly ambitious. They’re trying to recreate the entirety of Fallout 1 in Fallout: New Vegas. It’s called Fallout: The Story.

“Fallout: The Story is a work in progress mod built in the Fallout: New Vegas engine (no DLCs needed). It is our main design goal to keep the look and feel of this all-time classic intact,” the FAQ on the mod’s website reads.

While locations and battles will take place as they do in modern day Fallout games like Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, and Fallout 4 – in first or third person, the mod retains the isometric feel of the original when travelling from one area to another.

“We have constructed a completely new travel system which is very similar to the travel system used in the original Fallout. The system allows you to walk the map (much like the original game) to discover locations,” the mod’s FAQ states.

“There are also things such as random encounters and the ability to flee that we have implemented. The system will be node based like the original, so you travel from one small worldspace to another. It is not a continuous landscape like Fallout 3 or Fallout: New Vegas. We have plans to add one larger worldspace which allows a bit more exploration, (an Easter egg so to say) but this will be implemented at the end of development.”

Fallout: The Story has been in the works since 2012 and will be completely free to download and play so as long as you have a copy of Fallout: New Vegas. You can follow up on development of the mod on the official website.

Free-to-Play Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 Game Launching Next Month

Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 Free

This week Konami has announced that a free-to-play edition of its soccer game Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 will be made available to play next month during December 2015 and will be available for both older generation PlayStation 3 and next-generation PlayStation 4 consoles.

The new free-to-play soccer game will be available from December 8th onwards and provide an entry-level version of the game will be available to download for free for PS4 and PS3.

The free version of PES 2016 offers an Exhibition Mode featuring seven teams including : Bayern Munich, Juventus, AS Roma, Brazil and France. Within the PES game there will also be training section and MyClub, that will enable players to build their own team from the available players. MyClub appears to be the hub of Konami’s free-to-play plan, with players available to pick via “points acquired through success in matches or with MyClub coins,” according to the statement released by Konagi this week.

As more details become available in the coming week or so we will keep you updated as always.