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China is a country that has a government that regulates its people from being polluted by other countries. It is a republic that wants its people to not lose touch with its own culture. This is because the country has experienced downfalls in the past when it was influenced and taken advantage of by different countries. In effect, the Chinese government regulates all news, history book, games, and stories that would tarnish the integrity of their nation, as well as things that could corrupt the minds of its people. Listed below are ten things that are/was banned in mainland China.

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Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat)

Social media is surely one of the most influential mediums in our world today. From online bullying to scandals, and to different lies, everything could be made famous and be accepted as true with the help of social media. Everything on social media is something that society readily accepts or denies depending on how it is received by the majority.

Facebook was gaining a lot of popularity by 2009. China then decided that Facebook was nothing but trouble to its people that is why they banned it in their country. It was banned because Facebook seemed to be the cause of several riots, government censorships on the website, and in order to protect some local companies. China then released its own social media like Facebook which actually gained more users than Facebook, but every content was censored and controlled.

Another social media site that was banned in China was twitter. Twitter was also deemed by China as something that would not do any good to its people. As a result, it is one of the websites that cannot be viewed within the Great Firewall of China.

Snapchat is a social media app for mobile phones which allows users to send pictures that would only last for a few seconds. As harmless as the app may seem to be, the Chinese government does not support the app and banned it also. The Chinese government wants to keep out many western influences as much as possible. Also, it wants its domestic tech companies to develop its own apps in order to give to the public.


China does not support Gambling. Casinos were banned and outlawed in Beijing during the late 1940’s. casinos were shut down and were not allowed to operate within the country. The Laws were so strict that even advertising gambling or casinos were not allowed on Chinese soil. The only gambling platform which was allowed by the government was state-run lotteries.

Children’s Book (Green Eggs and Ham)

Even children’s were banned in China. This iconic children’s book Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss was banned within Chinese borders in 1965. It was banned because the Republic did not like the thought of the book wherein the idea of Marxism was portrayed in the book. Marxism is a social and economic theory that states that social classes should not be present in our world. In 1991, the ban on the book was lifted in the death of Dr. Seuss.

China does a lot of censorship with the things their people are reading, writing, listening or watching. The Republic wants their people to uphold the values and customs of its nation. The country upholds and treasures its rich culture and history and does not want it to be destroyed by external influences. An example of this is an incident wherein a Japanese CEO denies the rape of Nanking which was a huge part of Chinese history. The Chinese government as well as its people immediately asked for a public apology from the CEO and promises not to patronize its companies in Japan. This is a result of the Chinese government doing what it needs to do in order to preserve its history.

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