Monsoon + Hepatitis: A Deadly Combo to Ignore (World Hepatitis Day: 28th July)

Monsoon season has reached your doorstep, but are you ready to welcome it?

Where on the one hand, rain brings a respite from the scorching heat, it is the carnival time for ailments like flu, cold, cough, etc. Thankfully, such minor diseases are treatable, what should catch your attention is a more serious one, i.e., Hepatitis A which is a highly contagious liver infection and indeed a high risk during this weather.

As 28th July is celebrated as the World Hepatitis Day, it is the right time to discuss Hepatitis A which in the current weather conditions becomes more prevalent.

Do you know, more than 2000 cases of Hepatitis A are reported every year in monsoon season? As Hepatitis A mainly transmits through consumption of contaminated water and food, there is a high probability of contamination during rainy days, which in turn increases the number of Hepatitis A patients.

Causes of Hepatitis A

Rain water is filled with chemicals, animal waste and other impure items which mark the onset of HepatitisA. In a country like India, where rain means serious sewage issues, it doesn’t come as a surprise that every year, there is an increase in the number of people suffering from Hepatitis A.

You can suffer from Hepatitis A if you:


Usually, Hepatitis A virus takes around 14-28 days to rear, and the following are the most common symptoms of this disease=

  • Jaundice,e., yellow eyes and skin
  • Pain in belly
  • Loss of appetite
  • Fever
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Fatigue

Those kids and adults who have been vaccinated against Hepatitis A are at low risk of developing this ailment. However, people who have not been vaccinated andlive with someone who’s infected or travel to nations where Hepatitis A is common, are more susceptible to this disease.


The direct impact of hepatitis A is on the liver, which is the second largest organ in our body and plays multiple roles. Besides producing many necessary chemicals which are required by the body to function normally, it also detoxifies the body and acts as a storage unit. However, Hepatitis A causes the liver to swell and prevents it from functioning properly. In extreme situations, it also leads to liver failure and death of the patient.

Prevention and cure

Hepatitis A vacation is the best way to stay away from this disease. In addition to that, here are some of the ways to prevent the spread of hepatitis A=

  • Always wash your hand with soap and water after every visit to the restroom
  • Always wash your hands before cooking and eating meal
  • Drink only boiled and filtered water
  • Restrict outside food and water
  • Boost immunity by eating fresh food and vegetables

Usually, doctors do not prescribe any specific treatment or medicine to a Hepatitis patient. The only treatment is complete rest, which is necessary to recover from the infection. The proper care should be taken to provide adequate nutrition to the patient as malnourishment can occur due to vomiting, diarrhea, etc.

Buy a comprehensive health insurance to deal with the medical expenses

A simple visit to a doctor for minor ailments like cold, cough, etc.; is enough to cost you thousands of rupees in the country like India where the medical inflation has reached to a new height. Therefore, to prevent yourself from the financial trauma that you might have to face in case of insufficient funds for medical treatment, it is advised to go with a comprehensive health insurance policy that promises to take care of medical expenses. Sometimes, it is the cost of the medical treatment that averts people from taking good medical care. However, with a comprehensive health insurance, you can keep your money woes at bay.

Also, medical health insurance policies cover medical expenses incurred 30 days prior and 60 days post hospitalisation.

Considering the medical inflation rate, a health insurance policy also resets the sum insured in case the coverage is insufficient to deal with the medical expenses due to the previous claims. Further, you can buy health insurance online in a few clicks of the mouse without leaving the comfort of your home.

Though we would always advise you to take steps to keep ailments away from you; it is a good idea to go with a comprehensive health insurance policy in case something goes wrong.

The Final Verdict

Hepatitis A is not a life-threatening disease. Just being a little cautious during monsoon can help you enjoy the rain to the fullest. Keep your surroundings clean and stay healthy. And finally, buy a comprehensive health insurance which will secure you from soaring medical expenses, irrespective of the season.

We Wish You a Happy and Safe Monsoon!

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