Benefits of Oral Steroids

Steroids are mainly found in animals, plants and fungi. They are produced intracellularly in animals and fungi as lanosterols, and in plants as cycloartenol. Lanosterol and cycloartenol are in turn derived compounds from triterpene squalene. Nowadays oral form of steroids mainly used to treat different types of functional disorders of the body, which includes tissue damage and corrupted defence system, at a quicker process.

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Why do we need steroids?

Our lifestyle is the mirror of our internal body. From the type of food we eat to the time at which we sleep, every movement has a definite impact on our body which can be positive or negative. Due to the change in lifestyle where everything happens so fast, there is an urgent need that has come up to put checkpoints at the different biological gateways which are getting disrupted. Normal medications and workouts alone cannot do wonders to your body in a short period of time. This is where the role steroids come into play. The best category of oral steroids is formulated C-17 α-alkylated anabolic steroids where the carbon at the 17th position endures the perils of the digestive tract while making its way into the blood. If this modification is absent, the drug will immediately get destroyed on its tour through the liver. Many recommended oral steroid for lean mas, bodybuilding, muscle growth, backache and weight cutting have made its way into the market and can be easily purchased and consumed.

Key benefits and working strategy:

To stress on the oral steroids that are taken in order to bulk up the production of sex hormones, the first option that comes to mind is herbal boosters. We all know the male and female sex hormones and how their production is regulated inside the respective endocrine glands. Testosterone is one such male sex hormone that only controls the development of testes and prostrate but also building up the masculinity in men. With age and time, the level of testosterone starts to diminish and there is no longer a sexually attractive physique as the fertility potency also goes down. The herbal testosterone booster helps to build up muscle unit once it is lost and also increases the sexual ability. It has proved beneficial for bodybuilders and athletes as their energy is remarkably boosted for competitive performance. But you should keep in mind that testosterone therapy is not much suitable for men over 65 years of age as the physical barriers at that age may overpower the effects of the booster.


It is normally recommended to take steroids under the supervision of experts. Even oral form steroids which are most body-friendly can also be toxic and cause liver damage. Anabolic oral steroids can increase the secretion of hepatic enzymes to an abnormal level which can be detrimental. If you take oral steroids for lean mass like testosterone, 90% of the drug gets destroyed due to the highly efficient defence system of our body. There is only a 10% chance of the steroid to effectively work on your body. Therefore the dosing levels and duration of exposure to such oral steroids should be systemised to ensure better uptake of the drug by the body, posing minimal threats to the vital organs controlling its pathway of action.

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