Is this the best medicinal beverage on the planet?

A number of beverages have been touted to have medicinal value. Some of these beverages have a number of benefits that can cure and keep away diseases. One of those beverages highly rated is the ginseng tea. Ginseng tea has been used to improve the overall health and is regarded as one of the oldest medicinal beverages in the planet.

There are different types of ginseng. The most recognized ginseng is the Asian ginseng tea. This type of ginseng has been advocated for a number of medicinal benefits. Some of the benefits include:


  1. Healthy heart

Drinking this tea has a potential of giving you a healthy heart through the stabilization of the blood cholesterol level. It has the ability to lower the amount of harmful cholesterol that clogs the arteries. Regular drinking of the team can prevent the oxidation of the bad cholesterol.
       2. Male erectile dysfunction
Asian ginseng tea is claimed to have the ability to lessen symptoms related to erectile dysfunction. In a research done, men who consumed 900 milligrams, three times a day were able to reduce their symptoms after the end of the eighth week. This showed that the tea is very effective in containing erectile dysfunction.


  1. Reduce stress
    This beverage has been used to stimulate and relax the nervous system. When it comes to the reduction of stress, no herb beats the Asian ginseng. The Asian ginseng contains almost 29 different types of ginsenosides compared to others that contain less than 10.
  2.  Reducing the risk of getting cold and flu.
    Asian ginseng is able to boost body immunity which improves the body’s ability to fight infections and diseases. Ginseng increases the number of immune cells and also boosts the immune system response to the flu vaccine.
  3. Reduction of risks of getting cancer
    Studies have shown that the Asian ginseng has the ability to reduce the risk of getting some type of cancers. A study found that those who took the Asian ginseng had a lower risk of getting liver, pancreatic, ovarian, lung and stomach cancers. Several studies have also shown that taking Asian ginseng has the ability to slow down or stop tumor growth.
  4. Relieve of some menopause symptoms
    Two studies found that the Asian ginseng has the ability to relieve some symptoms of menopause. The drink is able to improve mood and reduce feeling of depression in women who are undergoing menopause.


  1. Physical endurance
    Some studies have shown that people who drink Asian ginseng have better strength and endurance. Other studies have shown improvement in agility and reduce fatigue.
  2. Obesity
    For a person who is looking to shed off some of the fat, ginseng tea can be of great help by acting as a natural suppressant. The consumption of the beverage also boosts the body metabolism which helps in burning fat.

    This tea can be very effective for your health, however drinking it for every day for a long period can make your body rely on it reducing its effectiveness. For effective results, try and drink your tea every day for about two or three weeks then stop for several weeks. After that, you can be able to start back for some few weeks again. If you have side effects when taking the tea, it is important to discuss this with your doctor.

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