How Can Diabetic Patients overcome Thyroid Malfunctions?

Compared to the general population, the occurrence of thyroid diseases is more in the case of diabetic patients (type 1 rather than type 2). There is an autoimmune connection between type 1 diabetes and thyroid diseases. When these two diseases occur together in a patient, the effects can turn fatal.

A malfunctioning Thyroid disturbs the Endocrine system, which leads to many patients being affected by both thyroid diseases and diabetes. Commonly occurring in the older age group, often the symptoms are not noticed by the patients.

A patient affected by diabetes can be prone to Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism while their individual effects could be different. When it comes to Hypothyroidism, the blood glucose levels remain stable due to the non-alteration of insulin sensitivity. After the patient is treated for thyroid disorder it is important to educate the patient how to control diabetes and thyroid malfunction with proper diet and medication. Failure to do so may result in an increase in blood glucose levels and a loss of control over diabetes.

Proper diagnosis of thyroid malfunction is tough by monitoring the symptoms of thyroid malfunction first hand. Due to the relation of diabetes and thyroid diseases, understanding the degree of thyroid dysfunction is difficult with diabetes patients. Symptoms like fatigue, weakness and weight loss despite a good appetite are the underlining causes of high blood glucose levels and Hyperthyroidism. Symptoms like weight gain, swelling in a particular region and hypertension can be a cause of kidney disorder. Several patients turn to Ayurveda for an answer. Once you have been properly diagnosed and given a treatment plan from a certified professional, you can buy diabetes-related Ayurveda medicines online on Zigy for convenience.

A patient with Hyperthyroidism may experience muscle weakness, quick pulse, dry skin and shortness of breath during exercise. These symptoms when observed in a patient, should immediately consult an endocrinologist who can assist with the primary care. Commonly, thyroid malfunction is diagnosed with Thyrotropin Stimulating Hormone test that analyses the hormones that stimulate thyroid in the body. This simple blood test can show results of the presence of thyroid disease in a patient.

For an advanced test, a full thyroid panel is conducted, which detects the presence of thyroid malfunction if the Thyrotropin Stimulating Hormone test has failed. Using anti-thyroid medicines suggested by a specialist can help in the treatment of Hyperthyroidism. With proper diagnosis and treatment,thyroid malfunctions can be managed. Our medical platform allows those suffering from diabetes and looking for alternative medicines to easily order medicine online and get them delivered at your doorstep.

Treating thyroid disorders is crucial and the chances of its cure are more when the symptoms are recognised at the early stages. Thus, it is important to understand the symptoms and effects of thyroid disorders to get the necessary treatments done at the right time. In our busy lives, we often forget to stop and take care ourselves, that’s when a handy online medicine shop like Zigy step in to help you out.

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